Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins was Born in Poughkeepsie, in New York State. He attended St. Olaf College in Minnesota where he received a degree in fine art in 1981. In the following years he lived in Minneapolis where he painted scenery for theater and opera and freelanced as a muralist, portraitist, and interior designer. In 1987 he moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand. He taught English at Chiang Mai University for a year until he started a cabaret business called The Six-Pole House where contemporary artists, poets, and musicians exhibited their talents. At the same time he maintained an art studio in the upper floor the 100+ year old Chinese shophouse which housed the cabaret. It was at this time that Mark’s early style was formed. During those years he played minor roles in TV and movie productions, traveled to Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. where he saw some of the wonders of Asia like Borobudur and Bagan and initiated connections with established artists and musicians in the region. These experiences have played a lasting role in the inspiring Mark’s later artistic expression. The color, the styles of art, and the traditional forms and ways of life are a continual influence in Mark’s creative process. After a few years Mark moved to Bali where he took on work illustrating books on Asian architecture, culture, and natural beauty. He also started a business providing graphic design and mural decorations for companies around the region. In 1997 Mark moved to Singapore to expand his business into making props and costumes for events, providing art restoration services, and painting portraits for prominent families on the island. In 1998 he met his wife Maria and moved to the US a year later. Of late, Mark works as a muralist, portraitist, and art restorer while also painting personal works in studio. He currently resides in Rhinebeck NY, where he tends his gardens between travel excursions.

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